Milling is processing of materials that allows to produce details of different forms and sizes. A process is executed on milling machine by milling bit that moves in three planes X, Y, Z, using servo engines. This technology is used in different areas: advertisement, furniture production, metal processing, etc.

A technological process is divided into few stages, using software of CAD, CAM and CNC equipment systems:

CAD (computer aided design): design, 3D-modeling, design.

CAM (computer aided manufacturing): forming of managing ways for machine, mode settings, parameters of details processing and choice of instrument are installed.

- CNC (computer numerical control): work on machine, managing program loading, cutting, instrument changing, etc.

Technical descriptions of our equipment:

- power of spindle 9kW (24 000 rpm), allows to work on high speeds of cutting tool without losses of processed surface quality.

- servo drives have a feed-back with a comptroller that provides motion accuracy, positioning and repeated cycle of milling cutter operation.

- automatic change of instrument,  without intervention of an operator, gives an opportunity to accelerate the processing.

- powerful, increased frame saves stability to deformation with large heavy materials on it.

We have equipment with high technical descriptions, our company provides high speed and quality of materials processing.

A price on milling services depends on different factors (material, diameter and type of milling cutter, speed and amount of passages, construction slots, openings) and formed on the basis of given tasks.

For the calculation of technical tasks we accept following file formats: .cdr, .dxf, .dwg, .eps, .ai, .pdf, .stl.