Executing our services, we use quality materials of known producers and trademarks such as Plexiglas, Altuglas, Bayer, Williams, Simona, Alucobond, etc. Clients also can give their materials for cutting.

Organic glass

Organic glass ( acrylic, acrylic glass, PMMA) is a plastic that consists of thermoplastic resin. Organic glass is easy, durable and stable material. It is able to let pass light, optically does not distort the objects located behind, long term saves physical properties, is stable to the radiation, does not turn yellow, is presented by different colours. It is easy to process organic glass – milling, engraving, laser cutting.

Organic glass is divided into following types: extrusion acrylic, cast acrylic, special types of acrylic.

It is difficult to distinguish extrusion acrylic from acrylic, which is produced by casting method, but extruded organic glass in comparison with casting, has differences: number of possible thicknesses of extrusion organic glass sheets is less unlimited range of thicknesses of casting organic glass, less durability to chemical influences, less durability to the shots, good capacity to gluing.

Casting acrylic is more heat-resistant, more stable to mechanical loading, is better polished, the best chemical durability in the aggressive environment. At the same time casting organic glass has greater over fall of thicknesses on sheet; it is related to the features of its production.

Organic glass is used in various areas:

- outdoor advertising:  signboards, light boxes, volumetric letters.

- design: decoration of interiors, furniture elements.

- trade equipment: show-windows, supports, price tags.

- building: walls, glazing of opening.


Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) is cheap, easy, plastic and durable material.  PVC sheets are ideal for the application in an advertisement, design elements, building.  PVC life time is long, it is processed (figured cutting, milling), a good sound-protection and heat-insulation, stable to burning, harmless for an environment. Polyvinyl chloride sheets have mat surface that is ideal for coating of paints, tapes, different types of printing.

Application areas:

- advertisement: signboards, advertisement and exhibition stands.

- building: models, partitions, boarding of walls, decoration of interiors.

- design elements.


Polycarbonate is one of successful substitutes of glass, unusual combination of high heat-resistance, durability (200 times more durable than silicate glass and 25 times than organic glass), transparency (let pass 90% light, that comparably with the indexes of glass). At the same time monolithic polycarbonate is stable to the self-ignition and burning, moderately toxic. Among other its descriptions it should be noted chemical durability, wide range of working temperatures (from -50 to +120 degrees), and stability of its surface to the mechanical damages (scratches).

Durability, chemical and atmospheric stability of monolithic polycarbonate is high, it is used in the systems of glazing instead of more fragile and heavy glass.

It is used for production of:

- protective screens, noise protective barriers, partitions.

- lighting equipment.

- furniture facades.

- portholes, windscreens.

Technical plastics

Technical plastics are the category of industrial application plastics, oriented to production of machines, mechanisms, devices details, electrical engineering equipment (hobs, cog-wheels, directing mechanisms, corps, etc.). Different properties allow substituting many types of materials — from metals to rubber.

Polyamide (Ertalon, PA) is multifunctional construction material, replaces coloured metals and alloys, differs with high durability, heat-resistance, chemical durability. Saves its properties in wide range of temperatures, can work without greasing in the knots of abrasion. It is  well processed (milling, whetting, drilling, polishing) and painted.

Polioximetylen (ПОМ, polyacetal, Ertacetal, POM) is used if high stability of products sizes, durability to fluidity and wear is required. Properties of the material: excellent elasticity, sliding, high mechanical durability, inflexibility, crashworthiness, dielectric properties.

Polietilentereftalate (Ertalyte, PET) — special properties of this material make it preferable for loaded and rapidly wearing details. Properties of this material: high mechanical durability, inflexibility and hardness, stability to deformation, stability of sizes, good electric isolation properties.

Polyethylene (ПЭ, PE) – properties of this material: excellent shock viscidity at temperatures from – 100ºC to +120ºС, excellent chemical durability, sliding, high moisture resistance.

Wood materials

MDF, plywood, solid wood – all these materials are widely used in finishing, construction, furniture production and in the production of advertisement goods. Plywood is irreplaceable at creation of interior various elements, fits for assembling of advertisement constructions — signboards, volumetric elements. For processing of plywood usually use milling. Milling and 3D milling provide an opportunity to produce different size and shapes details from these materials.

Composite panels

The aluminium three-layered composite material consists of two layers of aluminium 0.21-0.5 mm both-side and polymeric filler high-pressure between them. The external layer of aluminium composite panel is covered by special enamel of different colours and structure for protecting of aluminium from oxidization and pleasant original appearance. Durability and stability of composite is high.  It is processed by milling, engraving.

Composite is excellent decorative material for external and internal application:

- advertisement signboards, exhibition stands, volumetric elements.

- internal finishing of apartments, walls and ceiling.

- different constructions.

- ventilated facades of building.

- finishing of balconies, cornices.

- boxes of electronic boards.

Coloured metals

Composition-metal, copper, bronze, aluminium — these materials are widely used in different industries: in furniture production, in industry – production of different details, in advertisement – tables, souvenir products, decoration of facades, etc. Main advantages of these materials: durability, easy to process, original appearance, corrosion resistance.

It is possible to produce any details of difficult forms, using milling.