Technical plastics

Technical plastics are the category of industrial application plastics, oriented to production of machines, mechanisms, devices details, electrical engineering equipment (hobs, cog-wheels, directing mechanisms, corps, etc.). Different properties allow substituting many types of materials — from metals to rubber.

Polyamide (Ertalon, PA) is multifunctional construction material, replaces coloured metals and alloys, differs with high durability, heat-resistance, chemical durability. Saves its properties in wide range of temperatures, can work without greasing in the knots of abrasion. It is  well processed (milling, whetting, drilling, polishing) and painted.

Polioximetylen (ПОМ, polyacetal, Ertacetal, POM) is used if high stability of products sizes, durability to fluidity and wear is required. Properties of the material: excellent elasticity, sliding, high mechanical durability, inflexibility, crashworthiness, dielectric properties.

Polietilentereftalate (Ertalyte, PET) — special properties of this material make it preferable for loaded and rapidly wearing details. Properties of this material: high mechanical durability, inflexibility and hardness, stability to deformation, stability of sizes, good electric isolation properties.

Polyethylene (ПЭ, PE) - properties of this material: excellent shock viscidity at temperatures from – 100ºC to +120ºС, excellent chemical durability, sliding, high moisture resistance.