We offer services of figured cutting, 3D milling, engraving together with quality materials at competitive prices of known brands and producers.


We give service of figured cutting:

- we mill composite materials, organic glass, polycarbonate, industrial plastic, aluminium, composition-metal, copper, plywood, solid wood, etc.
- cutting and figured cutting of sheet materials with  possibility of difficult contours of any form implementation.

- automatic optimization of cutting for substantial economy of expendables.

- cutting along contoured printing, patching of already deposited on the surface of material.

- processing of large formats sheet materials 2050 х 3050(6000) mm


We offer the following types of engraving services:

- engraving of coloured metals for details of different application.

- engraving of different pictures and patterns on organic glass for front illuminating.

- engraving of composite materials for different bends.

- engraving of wood for design elements, furniture and other purposes.

3D milling

Our firm executes 3D milling works on following directions:

- art processing of wood – simple and difficult facades, straps, carved symbols.

- design and interior elements, finishing of exteriors, decorations.

- forms for a vacuum moulding, casting forms, prototypes of products.

- advertisement: cutting of volumetric letters, volumetric logotypes, supports, emblems, etc.

- encrustation of doors, parquet by insertions from valuable wood.

- different details from industrial plastics.


Our services in design and visualization will help to solve your tasks:

- construction of three-dimensional models on drafts, sketches, figures.

- help in planning of non-standard solutions.

- removal of sketches in vector and visualization.

- details patters production.