Polycarbonate is one of successful substitutes of glass, unusual combination of high heat-resistance, durability (200 times more durable than silicate glass and 25 times than organic glass), transparency (let pass 90% light, that comparably with the indexes of glass). At the same time monolithic polycarbonate is stable to the self-ignition and burning, moderately toxic. Among other its descriptions it should be noted chemical durability, wide range of working temperatures (from -50 to +120 degrees), and stability of its surface to the mechanical damages (scratches).

Durability, chemical and atmospheric stability of monolithic polycarbonate is high, it is used in the systems of glazing instead of more fragile and heavy glass.

It is used for production of:

- protective screens, noise protective barriers, partitions.

- lighting equipment.

- furniture facades.

- portholes, windscreens.