Organic glass

Organic glass ( acrylic, acrylic glass) is a plastic that consists of thermoplastic resin. Organic glass is easy, durable and stable material. It is able to let pass light, optically does not distort the objects located behind, long term saves physical properties, is stable to the radiation, does not turn yellow, is presented by different colours. It is easy to process organic glass – milling, engraving, laser cutting.

Organic glass is divided into following types: extrusion acrylic, cast acrylic, special types of acrylic.

It is difficult to distinguish extrusion acrylic from acrylic, which is produced by casting method, but extruded organic glass in comparison with casting, has differences: number of possible thicknesses of extrusion organic glass sheets is less unlimited range of thicknesses of casting organic glass, less durability to chemical influences, less durability to the shots, good capacity to gluing.

Casting acrylic is more heat-resistant, more stable to mechanical loading, is better polished, the best chemical durability in the aggressive environment. At the same time casting organic glass has greater over fall of thicknesses on sheet; it is related to the features of its production.